Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Icicle Cave Images

I'll keep this short since it includes some heavy duty images. I took a couple pictures and a video inside the icicle cave that I mentioned in the previous post.
This is me inside the opening (for contrast and sizing perspective). The temperature really did seem a little warmer inside. Probably because wind could not penetrate, and our breath started warming it up.

This is a view of the world from underneath the bottom toward the lake. The ice (top blue line above the white) hung about 6 inches from the water at its base, so it wasn't attached to anything except the top of the rocks! I bet at least a ton of ice was hanging!

Here is the video tour narrated by yours truly. I hope it works, and I hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow is that neat! I would guess your students
    in the Copper Harbor School love the worlds you create for them and stir their imaginations.
    I think it's wonderful there are places like Copper Harbor and still working school houses.
    It's so personal and wonderful.

  2. Magical! Who needs Disney world! Thanks for taking the time to shoot the video and for sharing it. So you're a teacher, eh? I really admire that. I visit many schools each year and do a video/oral presentation about weather. I wrote a childrens' book titled "Weather", published by National Geographic. It's available on Amazon.

    Tom Kierein
    WRC-TV meteorologist
    Washington, DC

  3. Bayfield, actually, I have to credit the kids for reminding me how to use my imagination!