Thursday, August 25, 2016

"Going Out More Often"

Hellooooo!  Guess what.  I'm actually beaming to you from da Harbor this time!  As I sit in my comfy rocking chair, the cross-breeze blows past my face, and I hear the rustling of the leaves on the trees.  I hear some birdies and squirrels by my back porch.  I also hear all the motor vehicles whizzing by because, well, it's August.

Can you believe it?  August.  

If you have been with me for a few Augusts, you know what that means.  So I will spare you the rant, and show you this cool picture of a cloud from a couple weeks ago.  I've never seen anything like it.  The sun shined up from below, hit the bottom of the overhang, then extended its rays beyond.  Pretty cool.

Setting sun through a cloud shelf

The other evening, at sunset, the sky was illuminated with a copper color.  A friend said that it was going to rain copper from that cloud.  Well, it didn't, but lots of people took pictures of that sky too.  I wasn't one of them, though.  Sorry.

So how does a person get to see cool sunsets and clouds?  How does a person get to experience the wonders of this land?

Go outside.  More often.

With technology making it so easy to stay indoors these days, it can be easy to get stuck in front of a screen.  Here are some ways that I make sure to get out.  Eventbrite has a whole project dedicated to going out more often (GOMO) as well.  Check it out, and maybe you will get some of your own GOMO ideas!

First of all, I just plain love to be outside.  People and machines made all the things in my house, so they are not really all that intriguing to me.  Except my cast iron pans.  I love to cook with those.  And my fridge too.  Yeah, cuz sometimes I have leftovers, and it's 80 degrees outside.  This chair is really comfy too, actually.  I'm grateful for that.

But I digress.  Do you want to know something that I don't have in my house?  I have't owned one of these for years.  A television.  That's right.  No 42 inches of HD for this girl.  Not even a 13-incher in black and white with the little turny knobs.  Nothing.  Well, except for this computer screen that gives me a headache after a while.

Not liking to watch stuff on screens also really helps me go outside more.  The great outdoors presents a screen that I can feel, smell, touch and taste (if I know -- or hope -- it's not poisonous).  The wonders out there were NOT made by people or machines, and I marvel in their perfect existence.  Everything has its place, and I love to explore that.

Secondly, (or am I on my third now?) I love to make sure I have gear.  Living up here, conditions can change, and I want to make sure I don't always have to change my plans.  So I have rain gear, snow gear, biking gear, ski gear, camping gear and half a dozen different ways to tote Braeden around, so he can accompany me.  

Okay, time for something cute.  Here's a picture of Brady P. in his new wagon.  The wagon is great because he really doesn't like to be strapped into a stroller or backpack all the time.  Plus, the wagon provides cargo room for our garden harvests.

Brady P. in his wagon

The garden itself is a great way to get out more often.  It's a wonderful place to sit, pull weeds, talk to the person in the plot next to you, ponder the universe, get a suntan, eat vegetables and simply marvel at those perfect creations.  It brings a person to a new level of gratitude and accomplishment.

So, heck.  Here is a picture of the garden from a couple weeks ago.  It contains about a dozen plots from different people in da Harbor.

Copper Harbor Community Garden 2016

Ain't she a beaut?  Delicious too.

I suppose I am a part of events as well.  For instance, I was in charge of the bake sale at last weekend's Art in the Park.  Over Labor Day weekend, I'll probably volunteer for the Bell's Beer Copper Harbor Trails Fest.  When other events come up in town, I often volunteer or meander through them if I am available.

So, you've seen my adventures in the past.  You know where my curiosity and lack of marbles takes me sometimes.  I always love to share them with you.  Thanks for being a part of them so far.  But sharing them with you through a computer screen is hopefully more than just screen time for you.  I hope it inspires you to try some things on your own.

Now, if you live in a crowded city in a little apartment with your tiny dog, you might think that it's not fair because I live in the most majestic place in the world.  Well, I have two thoughts for you right away.  One, your tiny dog needs to get outside to run around and carry out its duties.  Unless you have it potty trained in a little box by your shower.  If so, you might actually have a cat.  Not sure.  And two, go on a vacation!  Take a trip!

Where is somewhere you've always wanted to go?  What events are going on in your city that you might want to experience?  What part of your own town are you curious about?  Take a walk.  Take a drive.  Sniff some flowers (please, always look for bees first).  Sit under a tree and watch people go by.  Identify a new flower.  Find a new restaurant.  Do a pub crawl with a friend.  

You have options.  See that?  Wow.  This world is pretty amazing, isn't it?  Maybe tonight you can go out for an evening stroll just before the sun sets.  You might get to see copper clouds yourself.

Be well, my friend.