Friday, February 18, 2011

Riding on the Wind

Holy buckets! When warm air turns to cold air in da Keweenaw, it really spins!

We lost power twice yesterday. Branches and trees were down everywhere. Drivers on the road said that those were some of the worst conditions they've faced -- and those were the locals!

My house, being at the southeast end of the Harbor, got the brunt of the wind. The walls and windows were just shaking. The foundation sounded like it wanted to uproot and move somewhere a little tamer.

But the fact that school got cancelled gave me the opportunity for an adventure. Since the winds were topping out at 60 mph, I decided to go to the closest windy place: the Lighthouse.

Somewhat disappointed when I got there, I noticed that the pack ice still lined the shore for quite a ways out. Therefore, the busting whitecaps I saw in the distance were stifled by the heavy floats before it reached the shore. It was neat enough for me to watch, but not worth a video.
So my next exciting part of the trek was going to be crossing the frozen harbor (for my first time this year!) to my house. The treacherous winds caused much of Wednesday's ice to break up. I thought of how you are concerned for my safety and didn't cross as close to the dock as I wanted -- too much open water. Yes, your concern may have saved my life!

The most dangerous part, however, was how the wind was pushing me like the school bully the whole time -- trying to knock me over just when I thought I had my footing. I literally had to run over huge ice boulders and gaps because stopping was impossible unless I dove onto my belly where the wind couldn't get such a grip. What an adrenaline rush!

My favorite part of this trip is in this video. I was on my way crossing the Harbor, but was having so much fun that I had to show you why.

Once you hit play, you may not be able to hear me talk over the wind. I'm saying, "I'm on the ground right now because, if I stand up, I won't stop until I reach the other end of the Harbor . I'm wearing my snowshoes and am on my way to cross to my house. Here I go!" or something similar. Then you will hear my hooting and hollering. It was intense!

I hope you enjoy! I've never experience anything like that before.


  1. WOW! Great video, Amanda! I love your sense of adventure. I've kayaked the harbor and out in the Lake in years past, and hiked the area as well. I'm Tom Kierein, a TV meteorologist at WRC-TV in Washington, DC. I just discovered your website. Your observations and comments are terrific, keep it up! Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    Tom Kierein

  2. But where's the vid? Inquiring minds want to know...and watch ;-)

  3. Dee, the video is linked in the word "video." Otherwise, you can go to and search for "Ride the Wind Copper Harbor." I hope you get to watch! It's pretty crazy!

    Tom, thanks for discovering the little slice of magic in da Harbor! I hope you and your loved ones read and enjoy!


  4. Amanda... I tweeted your video & posted it to all my FB friends. One of them lives in Austria and loved it!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Make sure they know where you found it, so they can see what's to come!