Friday, February 4, 2011

Silver Lining Recess

I thought the rain was a curse. Yes, rain. Rain in the Keweenaw last night. Rain that turned car windows into blurry shower doors. Rain that turned Mt. Bohemia into a plunge of death (don't worry, I won't go there in those conditions). Rain that turned the roads so slick, I wouldn't take my car out of third gear (except for second) on my way home from Lac La Belle last night. Rain that turned the snowmobiles into a dangerous snow highway.

What good is the rain in the winter? Nothing, I thought. Until I went out with the kids at recess today.

"Oh, cool! Look at this, guys! I'm walking on the snow!"

"Listen to the cool sound it makes when I break it! It sounds like glass!"

"How did the snow get covered in ice?"

Yes, the students were quite mystified and enchanted by the 3 mm of ice atop the snow.

The slide made for a way faster ride down. A couple kids and I turned ourselves into "Ice breakers," barreling through that top layer on our hands and knees. Others tried to see how big of a piece of ice they could scoop off the top without breaking it. We even stood with our arms out at our sides and fell straight back into the snow to bust through it with our whole bodies at once. Yeah, it hurt a little, but when else can you do that?

Needless to say, I became as enraptured in the icy layer of snow as they did. I was bumming about it before I went out with them, but they were having so much fun that I never mentioned my take on it. I'm usually one to find a silver lining in dismay, but today the kids found it for me. Thank goodness for them.

And now it is snowing -- almost two inches since recess. We may possibly get freezing drizzle again tonight, which will make for an interesting combination of layers on the banks. But I'm sure I'll find the best in it if I get to go out for recess.

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