Friday, June 12, 2015

Picture Perfect

Every time I'm going to write, I think Okay, now Amanda, don't apologize for not writing in a while.  It makes you look bad.  Well, you deserve an apology because it's now been well over a month.  I'm sorry.  I hope to make it up to you.

So here's an inside scoop into my brain.  After so long, and so many adventures and so much to say, I feel overwhelmed.  What am I even going to say?  What order do I put it in?  How should I organize it?  And I just can't make a decision, so I just wait longer.

Luckily, I thought of a good way to do this.  Pictures!  I took lots of pictures, so I'll just show you them all and write a brief caption.  I hope that works for you!

Before I begin, here are a couple facts that aren't necessarily captured digitally.  The blackflies are almost gone already.  And the skeeters are coming out more.  The weather has been lovely -- a little cool, but we are not going to complain!  Weekends have been busy, and the weeks are still a bit slower until after July 4th.

Okay.  Moving on.  And yes, there are a lot of plants.

Early arbutus in May

Manganese Creek in May

Then I went to a Michigan Outdoor Writers Association conference in early June.  We stayed at Treetops in Gaylord, MI.  Really now, that part of the state isn't so scary.  It was a nice time.

It took us two hours to hike two miles here in Gaylord, MI
I was with true naturalists that day.

A Gaylord beech tree looking at us

My first partridge berry sighting ever!

Trilliums on their way out for the spring

A not-so-wild herd of elk in Aspen Park

"Tom" foolery in Aspen Park

Three awards won by yours truly at that conference

And back to da Harbor...

Starflowers on a mossy log

New growth on the balsam trees

Bunchberry flowers

Freshly sprouted cherries standing straight up!

Chokecherry flower clusters

I have two gallons of dandelion champagne brewing...

Freshly budded douglas honeysuckle


Flowerless hepatica leaves

Lilacs in peak season!

Cream pea vine

The first wild rose I spotted this year!

Lonesome thimbleberry flower

Serviceberry/Juneberry/Sugarplum flowers

Wild sarsasparilla -- still tiny and red

Not sure what this one was... anyone?

Little man and me enjoying our hike!

Ducks in Fanny Hooe Creek.  See them?

The Copper Harbor Volunteer Fire Department spaghetti dinner is tonight from 5-8pm.  Bake sale and silent auction.  I'm going!

The Isle Royale Queen IV sunset cruise fundraiser for the fireworks is Wednesday, June 24th.  Boat leaves at 7pm sharp.  I'll be there too!

Catch me if you can!