Friday, February 17, 2017

Rural Arkansas Tour

It seems like they are having quite the winter up in da Keweenaw.  Man, it's really weird to say "they" when talking about the Keweenaw.  And the U.P.  It is my home, but here I am soaking up the sunshine in Arkansas.

This is the first winter I have cheated (it sure feels like cheating) in my whole life.  And the people down here say that this hasn't really even been winter either!  It's only mid-February, but buds are forming on the trees, the grass is greening up, and new shoots are coming out of the ground.  I am getting a suntan too.  I can't lie, though.  I like it.

Here's a little tour of some of my favorite natural beauties in my current place of residence near Kingston.  Remember, I am not a photographer.  The lighting is bad and things aren't focused well, but I am using an old iphone.  Like an iphone 4S that isn't even connected to a tower.  Haha.  I am still a yooper at heart!

Anyway, here we go!

Some landscape shots.

A pan of the Ozarks and a beef cattle field

A fifteen foot high rock pyramid
(Photo does no justice)

The Kings River at a low crossing

Some cool boulders -- perfect for a picnic or sunset

My favorite tree

Brady P. overlooking the valley

That little boy.  He is eating a granola bar, so pardon the messy face.  Aaron took that picture, that's why it looks so good.  Plus, well, Braeden makes everything look better.

How about some fauna?

Aaron and Brady P. calling the cows

Horses at sunset

Not pictured are the turkey vultures that consistently circle the skies.  Or the lovely birds of prey that sit in the trees after a rain.  Or the deer that scamper out of site when our family crests the hills in the side-by-side.

That's kind of the jist, really.  This area is rural, hilly and quiet.  I would come back here next winter for sure...  Don't judge!