Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wildlife and a Wild Ride

A couple cool quick things:

This morning, right before 8 o'clock, Aaron spotted a coyote trotting across the Harbor. We looked out the window marveling at it. Duce knew something was out there, so he stood poised at a doggie-eye-level window and waited for his chance for a glance.

I grabbed my camera so I could take this picture for you.

What a handsome beast.

By this time, Duce had spotted our topic of conversation and started barking his fierce yet antsy bark. As I was taking pictures, I noticed the coyote moved surprisingly fast from my lens. Duce was chasing him down the ice!

He raced after the coyote westward until it refuged on land. I was worried I wouldn't see my Buttery Boy again, since coyotes can trick dogs to follow them to their whole pack! But soon he returned home safely, full of pep and pride.

Then I hopped on my bike for an icy commute to school. Yes, my first bike ride of 2011! The weather was so mild that I couldn't resist -- even at 8 in the morning!

The way into town was nice with grippy ice. I felt great inhaling the frigid freshness so early in the day. Ah, an energizing peace.

The way home at 2 pm was a different story, of course. The porous ice thawed into an unstable slush. I had to struggle at one point on the highway to stay on two wheels. And talk about a facewash -- mainlined right from my front tire!

But I made it to Woodland Rd. Ooh, and that was even worse! It was as if each bead of slush was a little hand trying to grab my tire. I had to come to a complete stop once because it was too thick. But I geared it down and pedaled hard the rest of the way home. Only two miles each way.

Though my jacket and snowpants were dripping when I got home, it was so worth it. I can't wait to do it again!

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  1. I love, love hearing about your adventures. The ice ride was a 10. I live in Carmel Indiana and our family has camped at Copper Harbor for at least 35 summers for two weeks. What a fun place to be and your little window of words and pictures are just thing thing we need here in Indiana. We'll be back again tent camping the first two weeks in Aug. at Fort Wilkins. We know the town potter quite well. Keep the winter stories coming. You had quite a sail. L Russell