Monday, February 14, 2011

Thawing Out

The groundhog was right. Spring is in da Keweenaw. Of course, at any moment it could dump 10 inches a day for five days in a row. That will most likely happen when all the snow melts and we feel in our hearts that Spring is actually here. Psych!

That's what happened in April, 2007. Don't believe me? Check out more "Historical Weather" facts at John Dee's website. He's got the stats for everyday for many winters back. Now that's dedication!

But here the sun is shining. I even got to hang out with my shadow today! The main roads are dry and asphalty, and slush fills the edges. The ever-melting snow is heavy and dense. We could have a killer snowball fight, or build a fort.

Want to see what those college kids at Michigan Tech have done with the snow? Check out their statues from the Winter Carnival this weekend. The whole Keweenaw area and South was just a rockin. Where did all these people come from? I wondered as I ran my butt off at work.

But good news for the ice fishermen! The ice is thick and the fish are biting. I couldn't even buy minnows at the minnow shop today because they were cleaned right out! The fishermen have been all over the Harbor drilling holes and looking down them intently.

By the way, let me take this moment to point out a distinction that may have been taken as an inconsistency. When I say "da Harbor" I am referring to da town of Copper Harbor and da surrounding area. When I say "the Harbor" I mean the actual body of water -- the bay of Copper Harbor, where boats sail and fish swim.

So how about you check out the Harbor, if you haven't already today. It's frozen from one end to the other with the exception of the middle where Fanny Hooe Creek enters. View the solidity for yourself from my neighbor's camera!

I will have to traverse that frozen tundra as soon as I have time. I've been working and driving to town too much lately to have an adventure. I know, it's winter! But soon, my friend, soon my time will come.

Now get back to work. Chances are, if you clicked on all these links, you spent more time at your computer than you planned. That's okay though, it's da Harbor.

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