Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Favorite Season

I sit in the same room as I did when I wrote my last post.  Somewhere lost in the woods of northwest Wisconsin.

Since then, I have been to Copper Harbor, Central Wisconsin, Portland Oregon, Bend Oregon, Eastern Wisconsin, Marquette Michigan, Copper Harbor and back to these woods at Grammy and Grampy Rogers' house.  All those adventures with a one-and-a-half year old.  All while trying to enjoy our time to the fullest wherever we were.  And, well, getting sick a few times. 

So, yes.  I miss you.  There you are, in all your glory.  Here is mine.

This spring in Copper Harbor was amazing.  People often ask me what my favorite time of year is, and I always tell them that it's whichever time it is at the moment or whichever time the weather is reeling in next.  But now I have a new answer, and this one might hold true for some time.

It's those moments I can spend with my little guy, my husband and my friends outside.  Out in the sunshine with no jacket.  Out in the woods with no bugs.  Out on my front porch with no tourists (no offense).  It's that time when we crawl out of our long winter cocoon and stretch our butterfly wings, noticing how our new colors sparkle in the seemingly brighter sun (that's a fancy way to say "get sunburned").

But really, it's the best time!  It's short -- four weeks at most -- but we enjoyed it thoroughly.  Let me show you how!

An ice alligator head on Hunter's Point in early April!

A fresh baby turtle by Lake Manganese

My friend Annele and I watch this turtle in awe for, geez, an hour or so.  We speculated its origin, watched it get from here to there and wondered where it would end up.  We even got a video of this little munchkin going for what may have been its first swim.

Manitou Island on the horizon during our anniversary ride to High Rock

Lots of fishermen at the mouth of Fanny Hooe Creek

I do have to apologize because there was lots more worthwhile stuff that my brain fails to recall at the moment.  I remember the thought often going through my brain, I should tell all my readers to come up here right now because it's so heavenly.

But, of course, I didn't, and now the blackflies and mosquitoes are out.  Oh, no!  I mean, no they're not!  It's still heavenly.  Come anytime.  Wink.  What?  It's probably more peaceful than most places in the country.

I do have a few pictures to show from Oregon also.  

B and me out at the Pacific Ocean!

Then on our family drive to Bend, we went through a couple mountain passes.  The scenery was gorgeous.  At one time we had big desert rock to the left and a mountain range to the right.  However, I was not a very good tourist, and I couldn't figure out what those formations were called.  Anyone?

Rock up high to the left

Mountain to the right

That snowy mountain is smack dab in the middle of the shot.  Can you see it?  I can't say pictures through moving car windows are that great, but it's better then nothing!

Oregon was beautiful.  I'm a sucker for the green lushness of the world.  And water.  And huge blooming flowers.  Well, it was full of that, so I was giddy.

Now here's one thing in Copper Harbor that made me giddy.  Well, one that I actually remember.  I got to mountain bike the start of the Keweenaw Point Trail.  I don't get out on my mountain bike much.  I have to coordinate with a babysitter, and that's more work than putting all that bike gear on.  But I finally rode the KPT.  It was so fun, and now I'm addicted.  But having withdrawls of course.  Oh, that reminds me.  I have some news for you.

Starting mid-June our little family will get to be together in Copper Harbor for most of the summer.  Plus we will have Gramma Rogers with us.  WHAT?!?!  A live-in nanny?  I think this just might be the best summer ever!