Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Welcoming Sight

When I left the Keweenaw last Saturday, sunshine filled the sky and layers of snow lined the ground. On my drive back up yesterday, however, things were not the same. Over half the snow melted. Mt. Bohemia is officially closed. Groomers have stopped grooming the snowmobile trails. The ground is wet and squishy. It looks like winter is over. I know it's not.

At the end of my drive North on Hwy. 41, I descended upon my little town. The "Copper Harbor" sign welcomed me home. I anticipated my favorite part of the return: coasting down the little hill to see her Majesty, Lake Superior, past the blinking light. I always know, at that moment, that I am the luckiest girl I know. Home.

Today, in the blue sky day, I went for a hike (without snowshoes) to my friend the Lighthouse. The snow was melted most of the way there. The afternoon sun must have been tempting because I saw three neighbors out and about too. It's always nice to see others taking advantage of the day.

After visiting the dock, and skipping up the bare stairs, I got a view of her. The land looked so different -- I could actually see it! My days of ice volcanoes and ice caves seemed like a dream. Not a sign of any of them in sight.

So I walked out to my favorite looking rock and stared at the Lake. Oh, how I missed you! You just make everything seem right every time. No matter what time of year, I reach to the lake for solice, serenity and peace. She never lets me down, and I am so grateful for that. Especially after time away, it's good to know she will always welcome me, and sort me back out.

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