Thursday, March 4, 2010

In like a Lamb... Out to the West!

It's another sunny day in da Harbor! The ice broke and floated from the bay last week... I just couldn't tell you that yet because we were supposed to have an ice fishing tournament this weekend. It got cancelled, so I thought I'd fill you in. What a treat to watch the waves in winter. Usually it looks like a white desert out there.

March is in like a lamb. I went snowshoeing with my coat tied around my waist yesterday. I even had to hang on to my shirt for a while because it felt so good. Suntan!

But this will be the last time I will be able to write you from da Harbor. I'm going west with my parents to see my brother and sister who live in Washington and Oregon, respectively. I'm sure the Wais family will have a blast.

Yes, that backcountry snow race is this weekend. You know what I find fateful about this situation? My mom asked me to go west with them long before I knew I had to coordinate and direct a two day snow race. I said, "Nothing is going on then! I'd love to come with!" And I feel relief that she got my ticket before I knew I had to plan this race. Otherwise, I would have said, "Sorry, but that's a really busy weekend for me. I can't go with you and see my whole family at once (a rare occasion)." Instead I get to say, "I hope the rest of the race goes well, guys! I got to catch a flight!"

Thank you fate. I've missed too many opportunities because of obligations I've created in my life. I will only live this life once, and I better not be too serious. Someone can always cover for me, right? I hope so because I'll be gone. Ha!

If I get a chance to write from the Wild West, I'll do that, but otherwise, I'll miss you til I return. Have fun without me!

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