Friday, March 26, 2010

Not-So-Mountain Bike Ride

Yesterday the lion came out. You know, that lion at the end of March? Yes. He was here blowing wind chills down to 0 degrees and making it snow. For a couple hours, the road was white. I'm glad that's out of his system! Fingers crossed!

Then it's kinda funny today, how it seems so much warmer with the sunshine and without the wind. It wasn't as warm as its been, but it was lovely enough for me to dust off the mountain bike. We (the bike and I) didn't do anything mountainous, but we found some terrain I wouldn't take on the road bike.

I rode down the path along Hwy. 41 for three reasons: exercise, to ride the mountain bike and to see how the snow is on that path. I was curious about that path the other day, and I'm glad I didn't try it on the road bike then.

Quite a few spots are still snow covered -- I'd say 12% of the whole trail. When I say snow, I mean a season's worth of packed-by-a-snowmobile-and-sun-melted snow compressed into two inches of, well, snow. Probably 33% of that snow was ice. I-c-e.

Upon realizing this, I kicked myself for, once again, not wearing a helmet. My retrospect is so wise. So I had to try extra hard not to fall. I came really close once on the way there. I came really, really close three times on the way back (I guess Labatt Light actually works!).

As I was on the last 30 yards of trail, I was so proud of myself for not falling. That's when, of course, I found myself out of control beyond repair, tipping over in the snow. Ugh. So close. But at least I came out with no injuries. We'll just see how my butt feels tomorrow after the change of bike seat!

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