Monday, March 15, 2010

Brockway's Nose

W-O-W. Wow. Today is just immaculately gorgeous here in da Harbor. I saw many people out and about (only locals, no one else is here!) in the sunshine. It feels like 60 degrees in town! During my favorite activity for the week, laundry, I was fortunate to take a walk up to Brockway Nose with a friend.

This is the same walk that stretches at a continual angle upward for so long, that even healthy people feel out of shape as they ascend. The cool part about that instant ascent, though, is that before you know it, you have this view. Please study the view carefully, as I have a couple things to report about it from today. If you have this view memorized from many trips to the nose, simply follow along and reminisce.

Look at the Harbor. It's the left hand body of water that is connected to Lake Superior on the horizon. Today, the Harbor looked quite similar as it does in the picture (I am such a loser. I didn't even take my own picture.): blue waves.

The lake immediately to the right is Lake Fanny Hooe. Quite a looker, hey? Imagine standing in the middle when it's frozen! From the view I saw of it today, I don't know if I would walk to the middle. I could see ice on the surface, but it looked rather melted and transparent. I could see snowmobile track lines from weeks and days before. The color, in general, was a bit whiter than the blue of the Harbor.

I now draw your attention to the little pond on the bottom right. That is Clyde's Pond in Clyde's Field. Just to the right (South) of that, a ridge line ascends to the Mountain Lodge. But Clyde's Pond was the whitest of them all. It looked like it still had a substantial amount of ice. This pond is quite shallow, so the ice layer is not too surprising.

But looking at all three bodies of water in sequence of their flow to the big lake was borderline fascinating. It was one, two, three how much agitation its molecules get, and the thickness of the ice, which I could see in color, was proof of that.

And lucky me. I stood on the nose of Brockway watching the water be the water for the first time since October. You see, the road up Brockway Mountain is a snowmobile trail in the winter. But spring has taken over (for the moment), and summer is not yet upon us. Therefore, that road is now a path for residents to huff and puff up to watch the serenity of their little town and the changing of the water.

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