Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prime Brockway Hiking Time

I was tricked yesterday. The day held mixed tones of gray. Flurries whirled in the air. The wind bit through my jacket. I thought winter was back. I was wrong.

I just checked the forecast, and they changed it to sunshine and warmer! Ha! Don't you love it? I was surprised to see the sun come up this morning, since I thought it was going to be a stay-inside day. Not in the least!

So a gathered a couple girl friends, and we walked and talked and giggled to one lookout shy of the very top of Brockway Mountain. The sun lit the blue sky, and the breeze was cool. The road was dry and void of vehicles, which makes this walk prime this time of year. We surprised ourselves when we just kept going up and up, but the day made it hard to turn around!

Collectively, we picked up 26 cents, a hitch hook, a screw, two bolts, a nut, two empty beer cans and some trash. Quite a treasure, I know.

Toward the end of our trip, after not even having to listen for a car, we saw one. It kinda ruined the purity of the walk, but that is not ours to control. Four ATVs and one more SUV passed by before we reached the bottom.

After this trek, I talked to a man who owns part of that road, and he said that vehicles are ruining the road when they drive on it this time of year. The road is heaved with frost. It's not laying flat because of frozen gaps between the foundation and asphalt, if I am understanding it correctly. He even said that we could make it worse just by walking on it! "That's why the sign says 'Road Closed'" he mentioned for effect.

So for the sake of Brockway Drive, I won't drive a car on it until the ground thaws, but I don't think I'm going to stop walking up anytime soon. Sorry buddy, it's prime Brockway hiking time!

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