Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drying off with a Wet Towel

We made it.  Labor Day Weekend 2012 is behind us.  I am alive and loving life.  Whew!

After my nine day stretch of bartending at the Harbor Haus, I got Sunday and Monday off.  Sunday was the trail's clubs Bell's Beer Copper Harbor Trails Festival.  It was big.  You couldn't get a room in town.  Nearly 500 racers rode through the rocks and dust of the cross country race in addition to the kid's race and the enduro.

The party in the park was awesome.  We drank 26 kegs of Bell's beer (and some of it was 10% abv).  The band, Steppin' In It was fun to dance to even when the power went out on stage.  The weather made a gorgeous summer evening despite a few easterly gusts.  From what I could tell, people were having a good ol' time.  I tell you, that park sure is a great place for a party!

I have to say THANK YOU sooooo much to all the people who helped out before, during and after this event.  Oy, it is a doozy, and we couldn't have done it so well without such a community effort.  And it's over.  Now I just have to finish up the after math including mailing out the raffle prizes.

I have to apologize because I never told you about our raffle.  Shoot.  We had over $20,000 in prizes including CH vacation packages, Trek bikes, bike parts and a teardrop trailer from TC Teardrops.  Only two winners were present to win, so I got to call everybody else yesterday and tell them that they won.  I could do that as a job -- tell people they won something.  

The winner of the trailer was a special treat.  He called me back after he got my message, half shocked. And do you know what the first thing he told me was?  How much he loves my blog!  He really gets it.  I was flattered.  The next thing he told me struck me too: he didn't even mean to win the trailer.  He signed up so he could support the trails club.  I told him it was good karma.  He will find a good use for it, I'm sure.

I have another classic Amanda story for you.  Yesterday I took Duce down to the shore by the Harbor Haus to jump in Lake Superior.  I left my dress and towel on the side of a big rock where I carefully crawled in.  The temperature of Her Majesty took a little getting used to, but well worth the patience.  I swam around, calling Duce to come swimming with me.  He likes Fanny Hooe better, and didn't budge, but I treaded around while he pranced along the shore.

At 8 am that morning, I must have been sleeping deeply because I didn't hear the Queen IV go out to Isle Royale.  I just didn't think it went out that day (nor can I keep track of the days).  But I heard her diesel engines churning beyond Porter's Island during my swim, so I knew not to swim too far out.  She always cuts close to the Harbor Haus while the servers wave and dance the can can.

After the Queen cruised past us, I noticed her wake splashing over the big rock my towel and dress were on.  Now, I don't swim for speed, but when I envisioned my dry clothing being whisked out to sea, I front crawled like a shark was on my heels.  (You got to watch out for those Superior sharks anyway.)  Soon I saw my towel still in place, just brighter in hue.  Oh well, at least I don't have to find it!  The wake was so much fun to bounce with that I decided just to play in it while I had the chance.  I love bounding with the rollers.  It's as invigorating as mountain bike shuttle runs.

I went back to the shore to entice Duce in for a swim.  Finally he came in, but only for a couple minutes.  Maybe because it's shallower there and his paws hit the rocks... I don't know.  Soon enough, I crawled back onto the rock and laid out my dress, hoping it would dry a little before I had to put it on.  I rang a gallon of water out of my towel and sat for a moment in the sunshine.  Even though I would not be dry before I left, there was no place I would rather be.

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