Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Scenic Drive

Chances are, you've been checking this blog everyday to see how the colors are up here.  I know, I know.  If anything major changed, I would have told you right away.

Color Report
If you are getting antsy, just drive up here.  Everyone I talked to who drove up from anywhere south of Houghton (a territory currently untraveled by yours truly), said the colors are beautiful.  Granted, we do have some of the brightest maples up here, which are still mostly green.

Wednesday I took a trip down the 41 covered stretch (there were some breathtaking spots,  but still mostly green), down toward Lac La Belle (still lacking in color), down the Gay/Lac La Belle Road (not much for color, but great Lake Superior views!), down into Traprock Valley (the most consistently brilliant stretch of the trip) through Lake Linden and into Houghton (which has more of the subdued color tones).

And on my way north on 41, I would say the colors are at about 50%, but nothing really struck me as "Oh, my heavens!  You have to see this!"  Okay, so maybe you can wait a few more days.  The air has been chilly at night and the winds are low, so the leaves are still hanging on!

Whew!  Do you feel better now?  You didn't miss much up here.

It's been a busy weekend so far, though!  Last night I was so busy at work that I had flashbacks of August.  My bar was full most of the night with people waiting for a dinner table.  But that's my world.  Thanks for listening.

Oh, you might get a kick out of this.  Thursday evening was the annual Copper Harbor Improvement Association (CHIA) dinner.  Everyone dines and socializes.  The CHIA president, Syd, gave a wonderful speech and handed out awards.  We have many amazing people in this town who help it thrive.

When it came time for the Bear Pit award, which is a nicer was of saying thanks-for-doing-something-dumb-so-we-can-all-laugh-at-you award, I thought I was off the hook.  I already got one three years ago for my black market F.A.Q. pamphlet.  But nope.  "Crash and Record" I heard her say.  I knew right away I was being honored for flipping off my bike while recording it.  It was a hilarious video, though.  I still laugh when I watch that thing.  I bet they're wondering what I'll do next.  I'll keep them guessing!

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