Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Walk Along Hunter's Point

Yesterday the wind was whipping from the north.  I was supposed to go for a mountain bike ride, but since the weather was cold and rainy, I made a plan B.  I don't need to slip off any cedar boardwalks on my bike, you know.

I donned my rain apparel and rode my bike out to the Marina.  Duce was so good; he followed right along.  I parked in the bushes, and we hiked along the south shore.  My goal was to go out along the harbor side and back along the big lake side.  I was so determined not to see Her Majesty's waves until I got to the tippy tip that I even shaded my eyes with my hands if she was coming into view.

Here are some pictures of what I noticed along the way.

My favorite spot along the south shore

A view of the town from across the harbor

A bouquet of aster

As I approached the point, I could feel the wind from the north, but I wasn't going to look!

Then I saw her face.  Now I'm a believer.

A view of Lake Superior and Porter's Island

I stood on that big rock out there.  You know, the one about twelve feet high?  It's my favorite, but even up there, the lake licked us.

Splashes from atop the big rock

The wave were rolling in

It sure was slippery walking along all those wet boulders.  I even fell a couple times, but so did graceful Mr. Butters.  Then I didn't feel so bad.  

Along the pebble section facing west

A mini rock stack caught my eye.  Just a little guy!

Then I kissed Her Majesty goodbye and ducked back along the trail toward the Marina.  But the fun wasn't done yet!

Here is our color... on the ground

A long boardwalk the trail crew built

It was wonderful to be out there again.  It always changes.  And it always stills and invigorates my heart simultaneously.  Thanks for coming with us... and you didn't even have to get wet!


  1. Wonderful. You did the reverse of my walk in early August. Surf was way better for you!

  2. Dee! I didn't even see you this summer, but I think I saw your dog. I sure hope you had fun!