Sunday, September 30, 2012

Color Me Fall

Color Report
Well, I was right about one thing: the leaves were going to change in a snap.  They did!  If you haven't already, GET YOUR BUNS UP HERE!  I have heard second hand from numerous people that the leaves are peak south of Houghton and on up.  The north-facing ridges are still a little lacking, but the color they have is brilliant.

Need I say more?  Plan a trip this week.  This is the one!

I can tell many people already know that because town is packed right now.  This afternoon, it looked like a parade was coming into town, but it was just leaf peepers!  Oh, boy.  Here we go again!

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  1. Thanks for the ongoing up-to-date reports Amanda! We're heading up this Friday but I hope the wind, rain and... dare I say, snow and cold forecasts don't destroy the season before we arrive. I'd better double check the heater in the camper. The seasons sure do turn fast sometimes, especially on the big lake. We appreciate your colorful updates. Thx