Monday, September 10, 2012

Brockway Nose Job: Complete!

Since May, the nose of Brockway has been under reconstructive surgery.  Now it is finally finished!  I went up to check her out the other day.  The doctors did a nice job.  I was expecting her to look a little more glamorous, but they kept her simple, just like the rest of the Keweenaw.

If you want, you can see her when this all started at this link.  Just a little reminiscing.

Here she is in all her glory.  The picture below is the view I can see from my front porch.  I kept the nose in the middle.

The great wall of Brockway as seen from town

Here are some pictures from the site itself.

The reconstructed nose in full view

My parents are modeling for me, but the way.  Just fabulous, dahling.

A closeup of the railings

The two stair cases

Not bad, eh?  You could have a little picnic up there, and watch the town go by.  But pick up your trash because I didn't see any garbage cans yet.  Oh, and keep off the grass!  Ha ha ha.

Now come on up and see it for yourself.  I'll keep up with a color report for the leaves, so you can plan your next trip.  So far, not much has changed since I last reported except the temperature, the wind and the clouds.  Ooh, it feels so fally!  I am looking forward to it.


  1. I think it looks great! They've always needed something up there to define the favorite look-out... and to keep the tourists from walking off the edge. Thanks for the good photos. I look forward to your color reports.

  2. I was so afraid the work would change the character of Brockway. I needn't have worried! It's absolutely beautiful. Thanks for all the pictures, Amanda!