Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Waves and Frozen Tracks

It was a busy weekend, my friend.  So many cars were in town that it reminded me of the Forth of July -- only in the winter time.  I know my parking lot was full.  So was my house!  All the rooms were booked in town, so people opened their houses to bunk volunteers and spectators for the Copper Dog 150 dogsled race.

We even had live music at two establishments!  Raven Congress played at the Mariner and Frank and da Beanz played at Zik's.  Finally a night where I wasn't the only one dancing!

Yesterday's winds were blowing from the north.  Up to 30 mph gusts.  Not the craziest I've ever seen, but the day before was so calm, the big lake was like glass!

Hannah and I went to the shore at Hunter's Point to check out the waves.  It was so cold out there, that I could only stand for so long in the elements.  Otherwise we hid behind a huge rock while we watched.  Here is a video of the lake.

I must say that the best part about this video is what happened right after I pushed stop.  On the 39th second of the scene, you can see quite the wave coming in to shore.  Right after I stopped recording, it crashed so hard that I jumped back and screamed.  It almost soaked me!  Those rogue waves... you just never know how they're going to hit.

Beach pebbles spewed on to the shore of Hunter's Point

Today was quite beautiful with partly sunny skies.  Mr. Butters and I took a walk along the cross country ski trail in Clyde's field.  I was pumped that I didn't need snowshoes on the trail.  But one foot off the track, and I sunk to my knees!  Annie Lennox would say I was "walking on, walking on frozen tracks."  There sure is a lot of snow here still.

Also, the moon was glowing amongst the clouds in the sky today.  I felt so peaceful in the field with the moon in the sky, and the sun peeking through.  Ah, another lovely day in da Harbor.

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