Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last Event, Spring Skiing and Big Waves

So there is one more event on Copper Harbor for the winter.  Maybe you can make it up!  The ice is plenty thick!

Info for the Ice Fishing Tournament

Yesterday was primo spring skiing at Mt. Bohemia.  With so much snow still on the hill, we just smeared it around like cream cheese.  I stepped in the fat skis instead of my snowboard, and actually did pretty well.  By the end of the day we found a big crew of friends that were out enjoying the sunshine and the soft turns.

I actually don't realize it until I see one, but the snowmobilers have dwindled.  The weekend might bring some because we still have a lot of snow, but otherwise, it's been quite peaceful in da Harbor!

That last video I posted about the waves from Hunter's Point was okay, but this one, taken from the lighthouse in 2007, is even more impressive.  Enjoy!

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