Monday, March 26, 2012

Temperature Dip

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that while last week I was sunbathing on a rock, this week I need to layer long johns.  At least today is sunny.  The last four overcast days in a row really closed the damper on my energy level.  But I am back!

Just yesterday, I saw that a local friend posted pictures of Lake Manganese with water up to the picnic tables!  I've got to get up there!  But yesterday was also hella windy from the north, and I really didn't want to be in it.  Not even to look at the waves (which were not abnormally spectacular anyway).  

Manganese Road was clear and dry all the way up to the lake.  I pedaled my commuter bike and Duce ran beside me.  What a good pup.  But when I got to the lake, it was the same level as it was the last time I took my big Manganese adventure.  There were a couple different things, however.

All the ice was melted from the lake.  There he sat, glistening in the sun.  Ahh.  And, that little bridge that I took a picture of had seaweed on top if it.  I missed all the good stuff!  Shoot!  Yes, the shores of the lake's exit was all washed out, and the seaweed on top mocked me.  I was going to take a picture of it for proof, but I thought, who wants to see a picture of dried out seaweed on a little bridge?

So I went down to the falls to get some more majestic pictures for you.

The top of Manganese Falls

Just below

And a little video

On my way down the hill, I came across some beautiful maple buds.  If I remember correctly from last spring, these are maples.  I am not one to figure out how to get a clear close-up shot with a point and shoot camera, so just enjoy the best you can.

Maple buds

I guess we'll see where everything goes from here!

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