Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Last 3 Days

It sure has been wintery here in da Harbor!  Let me tell you what I've been doing with it.

We got at least a foot of snow the day before, so my best girls, Rachel and Hannah went to Mt. Bohemia with me.  I snowboarded while they skied.  We got to the hill before the lift started taking people up, and the parking lot was already almost full!  On a Monday!  But I guess school was cancelled due to the snow and a teacher inservice day.

The locals came out of the woodwork to ski.  Even people who were supposed to be at work played hooky and came for a powder day.  Like a snowy reunion!  One notable part was that the ladies and I took our first run down under the chair lift (as most people do).  On the way down, we each got hooted at by all the people who knew us.  I did my best not to look up because then they would just be laughing at me as I took a digger.

But, no shortage of wipeouts that day for this girl.  I think I had a couple cartwheels and flips in the powder.  My limbs and neck bent a few different ways than they normally do, but it was part of the fun!

With so many people there, the good snow got skied up pretty quickly.  But it was still a great time as we were all in good spirits.

Hannah, Tiki (her little red dog), Duce and I went out to Hunter's Point.  I haven't been out there in a week or so.  Once again, when we got to the shore, I couldn't believe how it had changed.  All those ice mounds were gone!  The frozen snow laid close to the shore, not 20 yards out like before.

We hiked west instead of my usual east.  It was like a new adventure traversing around that point.  Lots of the conglomerate was uncovered.  We could go down and walk on it!  And the waves tickled the ice beneath our feet.  It's unusual to be able to see the bottom of the lake there this time of year.  We could see the quartz veins, agates and all the other rocks that form the bottom of Lake Superior.  We sure felt lucky to be out there that day!

Me on the remaining ice above the shore

Here is a picture of the trail from the South Shore to the North Shore of Hunters Point.  I love how the snow sticks to only one side of the trees.

Snow-struck trees

We crossed the frozen harbor to get there and back from the Marina.  On our return trip, we saw a man ice fishing.  He wasn't catching anything yet, but he just got out.

Well, that's today!  School was cancelled today because of all the snow we are supposed to get.  I don't know... I can't foresee it being the foot or so that is predicted.  But then again, I never get my hopes up. I just look out the window.  And shovel.

I took Duce for a snowshoe on the double lakeshore loop.  We only did half of it, though because the snow was so deep.  Have you ever broken trail in a foot of fresh powder?  If you have,  kudos to you.  If not, just imagine yourself sweating out of every pore on what seems like what should just be a walk through the woods.  Oy.  It was hot -- even in the wind!

With that east wind, we went out to the shore in the Harbor.  The waves were crashing in.  Oh, I stood and watched in awe for a while.  I wanted to get a video for you, but my timing was so off, that nothing turned out.  Sorry!  I did get a nice picture of this turquoise pool along the shore, however.

A turquoise pool along the Harbor shore

The wind and waves made it very invigorating out there.  I'm glad I went to the shore.  I bet High Rock and Keystone Bay would have been rocking!

Then I bushwhacked my way through to the Superior Trail.  I was going to check on my little fort.  I had horrible pictures in my head of what it would look like when I got there.  This was it.

Fort Juiper's last days... melting, yet full of snow

Now you can see how much sunshine we've been having!  Yikes!

But tomorrow is March, and I don't think Fort Juniper will be resurrected anymore this year.  At least I found some solitude when I needed it most.  After this weekend (Mardi Gras and Copper Dog 150), the busy part of winter will be over.  Then comes my peaceful springtime.  Ahh.

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