Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keweenaw "Summer" Vacation

I feel like I just got back from a vacation in the Keweenaw!  My friend Hannah and I have gone on a slew of adventures.  

Friday we hiked up the south side of Brockway Mountain.  We took the Woopidy Woo Trail up and hiked right on the ground! 

Flying Squirrel and Woopidy Woo

Then down the north side.  We tried to take The Flow Trail, but the snow was so thick, that we just "skied" down on our snowshoes on some parts.  We weren't lost... we just couldn't find the actual trail.

Snow on The Flow

Saturday was the real adventure.  We planned to fourwheel out to a cabin close to High Rock Bay at the point.  However, we picked the day with the most wicked runoff, and were unable to make it up a steep section through the river and ice.  Oh, well.  We just went to Horseshoe Harbor, went for a couple hikes and laid in the sunshine!

Beauties and the beast before our departure

Looking east on the ridge at Horseshoe Harbor

Looking east from a hole inside that ridge

The sunset

We camped that night under a beautiful, starry sky.  Soon we were awaken by lightening and thunder.  Since we planned to sleep in a cabin, we did not have a tent.  But we were sleeping on a Tyvek tarp, so we just put that over us when the sky started to sprinkle on us.  We watched the lightening through the Tyvek sheet, and soon fell asleep again.

The whole night I was looking for the moon, but I saw it behind us probably two hours before the sun rose.  A slim waning crescent.  The sly, sideways smile.

I am not one to sleep through a sunrise on the beach, however, so I climbed one of those rocks, stretched, waited and watched.  I have really never found a feeling that compares to that: watching the sky change colors high upon a rock, bringing in a brand new day.  Oh, man.  I love it.

The next day brought more sunshine and hot, hot weather.  It was so warm that I jumped in her Majesty, Lake Superior.  Oooo eeee!  Not as cold as I thought it would be, but invigorating, nonetheless.

Sunday night we went to Eagle Harbor and had dinner.  It was fun to hang out with the fine folks there as well.  But Monday was still so warm and sunny that we hiked up Mount Baldy.  Close to the beginning we had to cross a river.  Not only was it way colder than the big lake, it was rushing wild!  We had to try to keep our balance on the slick rocks, not get bowled over by the current and withstand the frigid temps.  But we did it -- once up and once down!

There was lots of snow and wetness on that trail, but lots of it was dry as well.  I liked how the terrain changed from sand to conglomerate to rocks and roots.  The wind was refreshing at the top, and the view was great too!  I apologize, however, I did not bring a camera.  I'll just have to go up there again!  With three miles of ascent, it's quite the journey.  But rewarding as well.

Well, back to the grind, but adventures still await!

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  1. Love your posts...I find myself waiting for them. Thanks much!