Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baring Arms

What a beautiful, sunny Sunday!

Since I have been unable to get out for a good sweat lately, I decided to go for a run.  Yeah, my favorite thing to do.  Cough, cough.  But the sky was blue, and the temperature was already at 43 degrees in the morning!  I donned a short sleeve jersey and a neon windbreaker, and took Mr. Butters up Highway 41.

The town was so quiet.  Not a car passed me until the very end of my journey.  The air was still and the lake was blue.  I kept blowing kisses at her Majesty out there because she was just so darn gorgeous, sparkling in the sunshine!

The warm weather must make the grubs move, because I heard two pileated woodpeckers and one downy drilling away.  At one point, the two pileateds were talking to each other.  

"How are the bugs on those trees?"  
"Pretty good, how about your neck of the woods?"  
"I've had better.  I'm coming your way!"  

Then he flew off.  I love how they fly.  They just stop fluttering their wings when they descend.  They always remind me of a diver.

Fanny Hooe Creek is getting rambunctious too.  She is starting to flow a little more to the big lake.  It was neat to hear her splashing.  I can imagine there will be some nice runoff to watch during this next week in all the creeks!

So all that was quite wonderful, but I didn't even tell you the best part yet.  About a quarter of the way through my run, I was getting hot.  As I ran, I took off my neon yellow jacket and tied it around my waste.  I bared my arms to the sunshine and early morning shadows.  I felt so free!  I held my arms out in the air and squealed!  Woo hoo!  It feels like spring time!  At least for this week...

The snow is melting quickly.  I can't believe how fast my driveway went from a skating rink to gravel.  But that happens.  Sometimes we can lose a foot of snow as quickly as we can get one!  The snow is dense and heavy now, and depending on the temp, a person can either walk on top of it or sink to their knees.  Oh, spring, you always keep us on our toes!

Just a note that I managed to publish a trailer for Little Slices of da Harbor.  I am just a yooper chick with no major technical skills, so keep that in mind.  But if you want to see my creation, you can watch it at the bottom of this page.

Enjoy the beautiful day!


  1. Deb and I went skiing today, I was in shorts and t-shirt. We saw the bigest wolf prints I've ever seen and a recent deer kill on our land.

  2. Hi there Amanda, Pileated Woodpeckers are about as cool and prehistoric looking as them come. I'm glad you saw one. It was interesting reading your blog since I just saw one on top of one of my wood bird feeders today just before I read of your experience, trying to peck a hole in the top. Very unusual since I usually only see them working on dead trees. As nice at it was in da'Keweenaw today is was incredible in southern MN all weekend... mid 60's,sunny and glorious! Worked outside all day today. I've definitely got Spring Fever big time! Also, I loved your cute little video ad for your book. Keep up the great work up in God's country. Take care!