Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Signs of Spring

Besides the 70 degree weather and the raging runoff, there are a few other signs of spring that I have forgotten to tell you about.

The peepers are out!  The first peeper I heard was Saturday evening out at Horseshoe Harbor.  I laughed because, just a couple hours before, I mentioned that the sound of a peeper would be the next step for us to know it was spring.  I have heard them in various places all the way to Eagle Harbor.

The eagles are everywhere!  I have heard/seen multiple eagles every day when I go to the woods or on the shore.  They are flying around with their families, talking to each other, looking for food and probably looking for a partner.  Love is in the air!

I saw two mallards today at the water treatment plant.  Mallards!  That was fun.

Robins!  It seems early for this specimen too, but it sure is nice to hear their lovely voices!

Lake Fanny Hooe is open.  Not even two weeks ago the ice on it was two feet thick.  Now it has vanished!  That should give you a good idea of how warm it was.

Little buds are forming on the trees and bushes.  Even the rosebush in my back yard has little buds.  Oh, I get nervous for them because we could get another blizzard yet!

I saw full out crocuses in my friend's yard.  I know they are one of the first to pop up, but they were already in full bloom!

Even the cross country ski trail around Fort Wilkins is mostly clear.  I was surprised to see how quickly that happened too.

I realize that many of these things (and probably even more) are happening or have happened by you as well.  That is wonderful.  I'm glad.  But now you know where we're at up in da Harbor!

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