Thursday, August 5, 2010

Up in the Sky

Hello! Sorry I missed you for so long... it must be summer. And August at that! Yay! Welcome August... one month closer to October.

I think I've got all the berries my freezer can handle this year. Thimbles, bils, blues, sugar plums and even buffaloberries. Most of them are on their way out, so I'm glad I got out when I could. Blueberry picking for me was slim today. But I have enough Sugar Plums to make 5 gallons of wine! Come see me this winter for a Harbor shine!

The last two nights have rocked the Northern Lights. Last night I went out to the lighthouse, on the north-facing rocks, and watched them light up the sky. I have never seen a show like that before. The lights themselves were white. They shot up like poles in the sky all along the horizon. They faded in and out, back and forth. I couldn't help but oooh and ahhh. A kid at the fireworks. They should be out tonight too, around 11 pm. If you have a view, I suggest you keep your eyes peeled.

And right on the Superior shore, the crashing waves were the loudest sound. The wind blew through me, carrying any worries with it. Quite a few times this summer I have sat with friends or myself after a busy night at work and watched the sky. The shooting stars have been abundant, and the northern lights were a spectacular treat. Watching the bright orange moon rise never ceases to amaze me. Oh the joys of the summer nights.

With all this magic in the air, I feel so fortunate. One thing I realized, and this is the first time I have ever felt this way in my life, was a message from the shooting stars. Often we think they are there for us to make a wish. But lately, I realized I have nothing to wish for. My dreams are coming true on my own accord. That's even better than October.

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