Friday, July 23, 2010

High Rockin' It

Today was a special treat. I got to go east. Past the beginning of Hwy. 41 to High Rock Bay.

I haven't been there in two years. That's a darn pity, so I decided to mountain bike there on my day off. A couple friends from south of da Harbor, Allan and Devin, decided that would be a good time, so they came too.

The day was overcast, making a normally hot day a little more tolerable for climbing over hills. On our pedal there, I had to stop to check out a new berry I hadn't identified yet. Choke cherries. Nice. They weren't quite ripe yet, but we tried them anyway. We also found some russet buffaloberries, which aren't necessarily worth seeking unless you're starving. I think they're pretty good -- at least they have zing!

Now I must say, that for a one and a half lane "road," it makes for pretty fun biking. Lots of ruts, puddles and fast descents kept us wide-eyed and smiling. After an hour of pedaling (which didn't even seem like an hour), we reached the open waters of Lake Superior. Oh, was she a beaut.

We wandered around, looked at rocks, ate berries, kicked in the water and discovered even more flowers and plants. I took a seat on a huge boulder (I have an eye for those), sat, pondered life and wrote in my journal. Reflection on life is much needed during the busy months. I cannot forget what my path is.

After lunch on the beach, we sauntered the other way. A couple ATVs and an SUV pulled up while we were walking the shore. They left before we returned -- maybe they were bored! Allan and Devin showed me how to skip rocks, and I did all right. I definitely need practice with that.

On the way back, we stopped at Sclatter Lake. The wind blew right through us there. But we found some of the biggest blueberries I've ever seen. Despite our tummies full of thimble and raspberries, we gorged on some blues. I know, what a horrible day.

Once we returned to my house, we hopped in the lake to rinse off the mud and sweat. But the free feeling we felt from the day, that stayed with us.

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