Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fantasy Beach

Imagine a sandy beach so remote, other travelers rarely find it. A beach with sand so fine it almost tickles your toes. Looking across the water you see nothing but sun glistening upon the waves and the baby blueness of its splendor. As you walk into the cool water, you gradually submerge, watching your toes pounce the sand. And as a special treat, the rainbow shaped shoreline provides a variety of edible berries when you are hungry.

Sound like a fantasy beach? Maybe somewhere tropical, right? To me it was only a place I'd heard of -- until today.

After five years of living in da Harbor, I finally made the journey to Keystone Bay. Click this link to check out an ariel photo of the fire on the point that burned four years ago this week. This picture shows the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula. See where the smoke is coming from? That's Keweenaw Point. Now just to the left, can you see a tan curve? That's the sand of Keystone Bay... one of a handful of sandy beaches in the area.

While I was there today, I swam in the crystal waters of her majesty, Lake Superior. What a summer for swimming in the big lake! No hypothermia this year! I also picked and ate blueberries and bilberries. Bunchberries and rose hips were available for nourishment as well.

From the Northeast edge of the beach, I could see the Point, where the fire occurred during that overly dry summer. It was kind of erie to see death in such vastness on the Keweenaw -- especially during the summer. I would love to get over to that site sometime and see what foliage is emerging from the ashes. After four years, I could already see green peeking through the underbrush.

After a quick picnic on the beach, I headed back over the gravel roads on the back of an ATV -- hanging on for dear life. I am longing for the day when I can get out there again and spend the night under the stars, with the waves crashing at my feet.

Now don't tell your friends about this place. It's pretty hard to find, let alone get to. Plus, where else on earth can you go to a fantasy beach and be the only one there? Usually, only in your dreams.

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