Monday, August 16, 2010

Wind Break

Yeeeeeehaaaaaaw! Now this is Keweenaw weather! The wind is gusting up to 45 mph, with sustained winds around 20-35 mph. The air is finally cool enough to say "ahhh, I won't melt today."

I know I have ranted about the summer heat before, but this summer has been in the 80's for weeks straight. By Lake Superior! How does that work? So the humidity and scalding heat have finally broken, and those who live in da Keweenaw can feel a little fixed. I'd like to thank the air up there for making this possible.

On my run to the lighthouse today, I had goosebumps on my arms instead of sweat dripping from the get go. What a refreshing feeling to have to "warm up" on a run! On the way down, I found a few thimbleberries and ate every edible one I saw. It would be a shame not to, as they are almost gone. The blueberries (some bushes already without leaves) had a fermented taste to them -- very rich and delightful. And my bilberries have turned into old ladies hanging from their stems. Luckily they are just as sweet.

So I'm sorry for all the boats that can't go out today. I know the Isle Royale Queen IV didn't make it to the Isle yesterday, but I'm not sure if they would even attempt today. And I haven't seen the lighthouse boat at the tip yet. I'm sure all the kayak tours are called off as well. So if you were supposed to operate a water craft today, I hope you get to go out and enjoy the fresh air instead! It's hard not to when it almost knocks you off your feet!

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