Thursday, August 26, 2010

Autumn Tease

Though the weekend will bring temperatures back up into the 80's, the last few days have been pleasantly cool. Almost autumnal. When I looked at the foliage under the gray sky, I noticed more of the greens turning to yellow and browns. In the sunshine, I hadn't noticed the turn as much. But the fall feeling that a gray sky with yellow thimbleberry leaves brings is peace to my soul. So I'll just soak that up while I can. Summer is not over.

I've still eaten bilberries out there -- even a couple thimbles too. (I know, you are so sick of hearing about the berries by now.) But guess what. I totally lied about having enough berries in my freezer. Since I told you that I had plenty, I have added a gallon of blueberries and almost two gallons of blackberries. I have the whole day off tomorrow, and I plan on harvesting the well-endowed choke cherries that line the highway. Man, are they drooping with succulence. I hope to get more blackberries too since they are peaking now.

This is the first somewhat slow week we've had in da Harbor since July. Some kids have already gone back to school. We just had Art in the Park last weekend (which brought in tons of people). And Labor Day Weekend is less than two weeks away. That's the last real hoorah up here. Plus, that's the Fat Tire Festival weekend, which should bring at least a thousand people to town. I can't even fathom where they all sleep.

Though I am busy, I just want to assure you that I am not going crazy. I am doing very well, thanks for asking. When I start to get ornery, I go for a mountain bike ride and take it out on the trails. That's some of the best medication I can find up here. And I can still go to work afterward.

Speaking of work, 52 days are left at the Harbor Haus (my summer bartending job). I start teaching at the one-room schoolhouse (the last remaining one in Michigan) in 13 days. So, in 30 days ask me if I'm still sane. I will certainly try my best. Heaven knows I can't let you down.

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