Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunny Daze

I can tell that Summer is coming. Every weekend, progressively more and more unrecognizable vehicles drive through da Harbor. Mountain bikers, day trippers, fishermen and a variety pack of others are coming to town. I can't help but get that knot in my stomach. When Summer is here, my life, as I now enjoy it, comes to an end.

No need to go into detail why. I think I have tastefully ranted enough in the past. But when people ask me what my favorite time of year is here, I can never decide. The thing I know for sure, is that I certainly don't love Summer, and yesterday's mountain bike ride reminded me why.

Rachel and I took a ride up the hills we call the trail system. At first we couldn't figure out why we were feeling miserable. Then we noticed we were sweating in minimal amounts of biking attire. That's when it hit me that Summer is hot. It is too freakin hot! Since when did 65 degrees become too hot for me? Since I started sweating in it.

During those busy Summer days, I am so grateful to get time to go out and enjoy the wilderness. Biking is usually my first choice. But biking up the mountain in 70 - 80 degree weather? No thanks. So while making that miserable climb yesterday, I realized how lucky I am to work in an air conditioned restaurant and stare out the giant windows at the sun on the Lake. I don't have to be out sweating in that sun with everyone else.

Maybe I've just gotten accustomed to the cool weather from my wonderful friend Lake Superior. And when Mr. Sun puts the kibosh on her refreshingness, I get agitated. Don't get me wrong, I do love the sunshine for the same reasons you do. But after 15 minutes in its stickiness, I like a little relief from the bombarding rays.

So I have found another reason why I am the luckiest girl I know: when the weather is not conducive to me wanting to be out enjoying the weather (which all the visitors seem to like), I get to stay inside, where it is cool and comfortable, and make hay. This really is my favorite place to live in the whole wide world.

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