Friday, April 16, 2010

Over the Rainbow

I'm so glad it's raining outside. We need the rain (you probably do too), but all the sudden, it turned from 70's and sunshine yesterday to 40's and wind and rain today. So thank you rain, for making this crappy day worth while for the flora.

Yesterday I had a unique experience. I got to ride in an actual motorboat around the Harbor. It was pretty neat getting to be a back seat rider instead of an attention-paying paddler. Plus, I really don't get that wind-in-my-hair-sensation when I'm in a kayak. Not without the sweat, at least.

But man, was Copper Harbor beautiful! Black clouds loomed in the distance, and sunshine shone upon the shore. Up on Brockway, we could see the golden-green of buds in the trees. To the Southeast, we watched it rain and rain. Luckily, we stayed dry the whole time -- except from the splashing of the boat waves. Oy, did I sit in the wrong spot!

As we were tooling around, enjoying the view of the land and endless sea, we noticed something so charming to the Southeast. Can you guess? The sun was in the West. A rainbow! We all stared and smiled at it -- so bright in the sky! I mean, I was enchanted enough with the landscape and all, but that rainbow was the cherry on top.

I realized something while I was on this joy ride: it's good to change your perspective. Even if you live in the most exciting place in the world, life can get boring if you get too settled. Hang out in the next neighborhood. Climb that ridge you're looking at to see what's on the other side. You don't have to go across the world (though that is helpful too) to have your reality checked.

Not to sermonize, but I really think people (me too) get caught up in their daily life so easily (and daily life these days encourages staying in your box), that we need to expand our view points just a little every once in a while. Especially when we are feeling complacent or bored. There is always something new to discover under that rock by your front porch or in that rainbow up in the sky.


  1. Love you philosophy! Please don't ever lose your love of adventure. It will keep you young!