Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Best Feeling in the World

So the weather went from paradise to regular old April-showers-spring in da Keweenaw. No problem. We sure needed the rain. Smokey Bear has been saying the fire danger is "Very High" for quite some time now. And what a better day to rain on than Easter? I think that has been a trend for most of my lifetime.

The big lake is soooooo calm today. I was supposed to go kayaking, but the rain deterred that. Oh well. One of the waterway shipping industries must have thought it looked like a good day to be on the lake because I saw the first freighter of the spring this afternoon. It was traveling West. At least it was the first one I saw, so that's the only one I can tell you about.

I did also get to witness seven Common Mergansers splashing around in front of the house today. Six male and one female. I don't really know how to feel for her, but I think those men were trying to court her. They would kick with their feet to go fast, dart around her and the other males and splash with their wings. I'm assuming that was showing off. Six men to one women... so goes the Keweenaw.

Did I tell you how empty town is lately? If you turn right at the blinking light from 41 after 9 pm, you will see no signs of life. No businesses open (Zik's is closed for Easter, General Store closes at 7 pm on weekdays and the Mariner doesn't stay open if no one is around). No cars driving around. Nothing. I could have a picnic in the middle of the highway, and anyone I saw would probably just join me. What else is there to do?

And that question, my friend, is the question that feels so good to ask. I rarely, rarely have nothing to do. Well, I always have something, but right now, I have nothing pressing. This is the first time I've felt that since last winter. When I get to take a deep breath of fresh air and know that everything is in place, that is the best feeling in the world. And it's right here in da Harbor. Ahhhhhh.

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