Monday, April 19, 2010

Small Community, Big Hearts

I have to tell you how awesome this community is. I say "community" instead of "town" because people make a community.

However, I regret to tell you that a well-loved member of this community, Mr. Tom O'Callaghan, passed away two weekends ago. It was sudden, but peaceful. He was still an active member in local politics and owned the Harbor Lights Inn. He also played the best Santa Clause because his hair and beard were so naturally white. He is remembered with a smile.

Yesterday the Pines Resort hosted a benefit dinner (donating time, food and space for the cause) to raise money to help his family pay for necessary costs. This town doesn't even have 100 people living in it now, but at least 100 people came to support it. Ten people (me included) volunteered that evening to help serve, bus, cook, do dishes, etc. At one point in time, we were all running our butts off!

We had to get some food items from The Mariner because the patronage was over double what we had planned for. As we were all running around frantically, we couldn't help but smile and think, "Great! This is really great!" Because it was for such a good cause.

Dinner, including a non-alcoholic beverage, salad, spaghetti and dessert, was provided strictly for donations. No price was set.

I feel honored to have been a part of this. When we were finished and cleaned up for the night, we counted the donations. A small community, along with a hard-working group of volunteers raised over $2,000 for his family in one night. One night! By donations only!

We were shocked and elated. I could feel a sense of oneness among our group of volunteers while we agreed that it was worth every minute. We had a new perspective of just how much this town can band together for a good cause. It warmed our hearts, and despite any differences we may have had in the past, at that moment we were all proud to be a part of that small community.

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