Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Opposites in a Day

Duce and I took a little walk today up Woodland Road. The funniest part, right away, was that three cars passed us before we even got through the creek area (which is next to my house)!

On the way, I ate some delicious dandelion greens. I could tell my body was craving it since we are all out of spinach and kale here. That is one drawback from being so far from civilization, so good thing it's Spring, and I can eat what's growing!

As I've said before, many types of flora are blooming. But a few of my favorites are coming out of their winter shells: roses, bilberries and thimbleberries! I have seen the greeny-goldness of them all and jumped for joy! It should be an early berry season this year!

On the other hand, my last three excursions on water crafts on the Harbor (note: in my little slice, "the" Harbor is the body of water itself, and "da" Harbor is the town and surrounding area) have shown me snow on North-facing shores. These shores don't get much sun, of course, so the snow can linger. But still!?

So today, on our walk to look at my sanity savior, Lake Superior, I saw some of that snow within walking distance. I also saw what looked like a long Chrysocolla vein stretching from the shore into the lake. Now, silly me for even thinking that's what it was, but that line under water was definitely turquoise!

Duce and I waded through the beach rocks (on land) to this large rock with snow and a mystery vein. It shouldn't have been a mystery vein because this large rock it covered in quartz! Standing at the top of that rock, I noted, yes, that was quartz in the bluest-greenest water I have ever seen. It turned that whole white stripe turquoise. Why else would I have been that curious?

Pretty cool. As I turned around to head back, I grabbed a couple handfuls of snow (to make sure that wasn't quartz too) and threw it in the air for Duce. Snow. Cold and beady snow. Probably the last handful of snow I will grab until next winter. Knock on wood!

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  1. The color of the water over that white vein is amazing! I had to trudge there in January just to look at it. Peg & I found another one (not as long) about a bit less than a mile past Renate's on 26. I don't think it's visible once the trees are full. Rox