Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in Action

Woah, sorry. I didn't realize Aaron was going to take the computer away for five days or I would have warned you. Don't worry! I'm alive! (Okay, maybe only my mom worried.)

Have you done that lately, in this cyberspace world? Have you had your computer in the shop or lost or gone somehow so that you couldn't look at it for five days... even three? It's so crazy. I rekindled my love for meditation, cooking and feng shui during this recess. You should try it sometime. It's a good way to connect back to the "real world." (But then, I guess you can't read my blog...)

But anyway, back to da Harbor. All the inland lakes are clear of ice. Trees are budding generously. Birds are tweetle-deet-deeting. Are you getting bored with my springtime talk yet? Sorry if you are, but I (and everyone else in town) is just so amazed that all this is happening in April. Every spring I have been here, we've had snow til May. This year is was gone in March. Craziness, man. Craziness.

Rachel, Duce and I took a walk up Brockway Mountain yesterday in the sunshine. I tell ya, the "Road Closed" sign at the foot of the hill didn't stop the umpteen cars that passed us! So much for our nice quiet walks up the road. Oh well. Who needs the road? It's mountain biking season, baby!

The singletrack trails are officially open for the summer. In fact, last week was home to the first "Thursday Night Group Ride." Want to check out the trails? Meet every Thursday at the Keweenaw Adventure Co. at 6:00pm! I'll be there this week!

Sorry, but it's getting late for me, so I shall leave more for another day!

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