Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Update

You're probably wondering what the snow is like up here.  I'm kind of embarrassed.  It's pretty pitiful.  In the woods we have just over an inch.  In the sunshine we have nothing.  Ice on the roads.  But we are supposed to get a big dump soon, so cross your fingers for da Harbor!

My tracks both ways and... cat tracks?  Coyote?  Little doggy?

Lake Medora is pretty much frozen over.  At least when I drove by last.  Lake Fanny Hooe is starting to ice up on the west end (and probably the east, but I haven't been there).  Some ice lines the north shore as well.  Lake Superior has been kicking up some waves, so she isn't freezing anytime soon...

Other than that, today had a bit of sunshine, and partly cloudy skies tonight.  That should cool things off even more!

I am really looking forward to winter.  I found an awesome hiking loop that will double as a great snowshoe loop.  It parallels two lake shores.  How can you beat that?  Plus, I found my new favorite spot high on a rock that overlooks Superior.  I think I'll make a snow fort up there.  If you come up, come find me, and we'll start packing snow!

So life is good in da Harbor.  I expect my book to hit the market in three weeks.  I just okayed the final draft to send to the printer... then a hard copy to me for approval!  Wow, to hold my Copper Harbor book in my hands will be surreal.  I hope it is for you too!

Well, the winds and snowflakes are supposed to pick up, so I wanted to catch you in case the power and internet go out.  Maybe next time I write, I'll tell you that I had to shovel through 10 feet of snow just to get out of my house!   Wishful thinking... let it snow!

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  1. If you are interested there is a freighter anchored in Bete Grise Bay I would presume waiting out the wind.