Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Lesson in Ice and Desire

There is a fine line between listening to what EVERYone else tells you and doing what you know you can do.  Here is my example.

Tuesday was a beautifully sunny day.  Soooooo unseasonably gorgeous.  Since it's natural for me to want to be in the most sun possible, my heart was steering me to Lake Fanny Hooe.  I was out the day before, and I knew it was traversable.  I wanted to go skating.  "No."  "Don't go out yet."  "Don't do it by yourself."  

Those were the comments from my townsfolk.  I appreciate their concern.  So instead, I found Steve Brimm to come out with me.  We carried long poles (his was a garden hoe, mine was a mop) in case we did go through.  He didn't have skates, so we slid around in out boots.  Here are some photos of our adventure.

Our shadows on the ice, poles in hand.

Looking west toward Brockway Mountain

The giant, but solid crack starting at the mouth of Manganese Falls and going to the north shore.

Steve capturing a high quality image of these beautiful ice gems.

Verdict: the ice is fine.  It was at least three inches thick.  I was going to skate on it the next day.

"Don't go out there," they said.  But they were not out the day before trying to punch holes in it to no avail!  They did not realize that it could snow any day, and this pristine rink would be no longer!  They are probably not as crazy as me to get out and do some winter activities.

So I went with only Duce at my side.  I knew how the ice was for two solid miles, and I was going to get my fix.

I skated all around and up and down and twisted and twirled and laughed.  My goodness.  I looked around at that sanctuary and wished the whole town was on skates in a giant game of hockey or a figure skating party.  I have never seen the ice like that on the whole lake.

HERE IS A BRIEF VIDEO of my skating adventure.

So here is my lesson.  I'm ever grateful that I did what I thought was right because today it is snowing.  Fanny Hooe is already a half inch covered in snow.  Well, at least it's snowing!  Let it snow!!!


  1. You make me nervous out there. Please watch

  2. I appreciate your concern, Quandry, but I really made sure it was safe. I can't write my own obituary!!! I'm not quite sure what your video link has to do with ice skating though... :)

  3. Denny from Flagler Beach FLDecember 24, 2011 at 7:25 PM

    I remember walking out on 2 in ice on Marble Lake Quincy MI. To get out without snow is so much fun and can see why you love it. One time it rained over the snow in Ft Wayne where I grew up and we skated all over the neighborhood!!!. One other time on Marble Lake there was just ice and we landed our airplane then went ice boating. Oh we drove our cars anytime we could too. So many memories you brought up. Keep the pics and videos coming Amanda, thanks

  4. Amanda, I just discovered your blog. Your ice skating adventure reminded me of my days growing up outside of Dollar Bay, Gross Point. We lived on Portage Lake near the cuts to Torch Lake. I never learned to skate but enjoyed those days on the ice without snow. Hearing those cracks ogo the lenth of the lake. Thank you for the video and photos. I wish I could be there. I love copper harbor and that would be my ideal place to live out my days.