Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Official... It's Winter

Yesterday I took a long hike on my double lake shore loop.  During this escapade I realized that it is truly winter.

I had to trudge through 4-5 inches of snow.  Not enough for snowshoes, but enough for the heavy duty boots!

Lake Fanny Hooe was frozen.  Overnight!  The winds were calm the night before because she was frozen all the way across.  Here is some proof.

A little critter even tested the ice already.  I wouldn't try.  Duce did, and he was cracking through and slipping all around.  Never a dull moment with that pup.

In the middle of Fanny Hooe, however, some spots were open.  So if we get high winds soon, these holes could break up the ice and open her up again.  Personally, I think the ice is here to stay, but there's always that chance!  I can't wait to walk to the middle.  That is one of my favorite frozen spots.

On Lake Superior's shore, I saw something that was more uncharacteristic of this time of year.  Two freighters at the same time!  The south winds were only slight, so they took their chance while they could.

I relished in the peace, quiet, majesty and serenity of these wintery moments.  I know they won't last long.

And they didn't.  Later that afternoon, I saw the first two snowmobilers cruising through town.  Snowmobilers!  The trails aren't even open yet! 

So that's it.  It's officially winter as far as I'm concerned.  I just hope I didn't jinx the snow!


  1. Alyssa and I are gonna hang out up there this afternoon, possibly take a hike somewhere around there ;)

  2. Maybe it was a jinx, maybe you just were tuned into future realities.