Monday, December 19, 2011

Skating Rink

I thought for sure the ice on Lake Fanny Hooe wouldn't make it through the thaw/wind combo we had last week.  I was wrong.  She is an ice rink right now!  I better get out my skates!  

I didn't plan on walking on her today, but I saw remnants of an ice fisherman, so I went out as far as he did.  Thick and smooth that lake was.  I let Mr. Butters test it for me.

Other than that, it really hasn't snowed anymore.  The snowmobilers have been around nearly everyday, however.  Those trails must be decent (or people are just desperate!).  I don't blame them.  I'm about to take desperate measures myself... maybe I should bring someone ice skating with me!

I was in Houghton this weekend.  Overnight, even!  That means I got to wander around and enjoy myself in da Big City.  I walked along the Portage Canal.  She is freezing over too.  I also snuck down beside the old Ranger III that took my friends and I to Isle Royale two springs ago.  So nostalgic.

It was all quite lovely.  I even walked the Downtown strip and caught snowflakes on my tongue.  Some of them were huge!  Now come on, huge snowflakes... Come to Copper Harbor!

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