Saturday, May 14, 2011

Surprise Guests

Today I ventured out toward Porter's Island.  You know, just a walk on the rocks from Hunter's Point.  With northeast winds up to 20 mph, I knew the waves were rolling in big, but I decided to try my luck.  However, as I stood on the east edge of Hunter's Point, looking across for a ridge that wasn't getting mauled by incoming waves, I knew it was not my day.  Porter's Island was really an island.

Instead, I sat on the south side of the big rock that protrudes up from the tip of Hunter's Point.  There I would be warm and dry as I wrote.  Porter's Island was my subject for the day, and as I looked east past it, I noticed a friend who has come back for the summer: the Bell Buoy!  Oh, handsome bell buoy, how did I not hear your lovely dinging as I rode into town?  I apologized for my lack of perception, but rejoiced in his presence.  He will be with us until the fall.

As I was finishing up my thoughts for the page I was penning, a large and powerful wave found its way over my shield rock and right in my lap!  It soaked me!  I squealed and stood up to see if anymore were on their way.  Nope.  Just the one to remind me that Lake Superior always has a trick up her sleeve.  Oh, that blue little devil.

I found one of my favorite foliages growing today.  Fiddleheads!  If they weren't the fuzzy kind, I could have had myself a green little snack.  Everyday I notice more and more species budding or popping up from under the brown depths of the earth.  Spring doesn't just melt the snow, it melts my heart.


  1. I paddled my kayak around Porter's Island a few years ago and can still smell that sweet freshwater aroma in my memories. Thanks so much for sharing your very descriptive impressions!

  2. Nice little vignette today Amanda. Spring is such a wonderful time of year, so fresh and full of promise. The buoy will keep you company as you watch the season unfold and ease into summer.

  3. Tom and Michael,
    I'm so pleased you are getting out of my writings what I intended to put in them. I must thank you for your comments; they mean a lot, and they help keep me motivated! ~Amanda