Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rolling Down the Highway

You may already be aware that US Highway 41 is the main drag in Copper Harbor.  The US Highway 41 that runs all the way to Miami, Florida.  The US Highway 41 that is so busy with families, dogs, bikers and drivers -- all of who usually don't look where they're going -- in the summer that I dread driving a vehicle through town.

Yes.  That's the road.  Well on this beautifully sunny Tuesday evening no one was around.  The occasional car would pass, and we would wave.  Otherwise, the street was empty.  Ahh, I love the spring.

A visiting friend busted out his long board.  This is a wooden board about twice as long as a skate board with the ability to turn when the rider leans to one side or the other.  I have never done this before, so I practiced on the flat part of the vacant road.

After enough practice I got the courage to take it up the hill by the General Store.  The same hill that I came flying down last spring on my roller blades.  Here's a link to that post if you want to laugh at me.

My teacher, and owner of the long board, offered to show me how to carve, so I could steer it gracefully down the hill.  I'm a snowboarder.  I know how to carve.  Yeah, after three or four turns on my first try, I was going so fast I jumped ship and landed on myself as the board rolled and rolled and rolled down the hill.

Okay, so I took that as a sign to start in the middle of the hill.  I did it twice with some sort of skill.  It was really fun -- rolling into the sun on a vacant road.  I think only four cars came by while we were out, and that's just because they thought the General Store was open!

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