Friday, May 27, 2011

3... 2... 1... Summer!

It's Memorial Weekend.  Though that means something nostalgic and patriotic to most people in America, to me it means that I'm going to be busy until the middle of October.  I start bartending full time tomorrow at the Harbor Haus.  I have many events to plan and volunteer for.  I have a feeling this summer will be even busier than last year.  People are already up with their kayaks, motor boats, mountain bikes, RVs and families.  Oh, boy... here we go!

I think I'm ready for it, though.  I had an extremely peaceful and relaxing spring.  For that I am ever grateful.  It will give me a breath to meditate on when I feel like I can't take it anymore.

The grass is green and lush everywhere up here.  The golf course and people's lawns are in their prime.  As far as flora goes, I'll try not to stick every new plant I see under your nose, but I do have an exciting one to mention.  

Last year I got really into wild edibles.  I wanted to find the marsh marigold, but had no luck.  Well, when I saw it in the ditches this spring going up Hwy. 41, I knew what it was instantly.  I tried a raw leaf (though upon revising the plant book, it said to cook it first to get out the toxins... I am still alive), and it tasted like a dandelion green.  I feel no need to harvest them now, but if I'm ever scrapping for food, I know where the marsh marigold are!

On a completely different note, I forgot to tell you that the Isle Royale Queen IV is shipping out and back every Monday and Friday.  I would expect the number of days to at least double after this weekend.  And soon I will be doing the Can-can every time it comes back when I am at work.  That's fine... at least I don't have to wear the dress!

Speaking of Isle Royale (my most favoritest vacation spot ever), if you have been following this blog for a couple years, you know that I like to go every spring for a wonderful vacation with my friends.  Well, my dear, that time has passed.  Aaron and I have been busy planning to buy A HOUSE IN COPPER HARBOR!!!!!  I didn't want to tell you until we signed (though you may already know),  but we are officially so close to that.  I hope I didn't jinx myself.

We are buying the old Mercantile, Garden Brook Market, Brickside, whatever you may know it as.  It is right in town, so that means no more going days without seeing a soul out on Woodland Rd. for this girl.  Oh, no.  It's all hustle and bustle from here on.  But that's okay... I can see my beautiful Majesty Lake Superior from the front window.  I'll let you know when we move in.

Emerging in the business building will be Brickside Brewery: Copper Harbor's first microbrewery.  Right down my front porch?  Danger!  They are hoping to be up and running by fall.  I wish them the best!

With that I will close.  I will do my best to keep you posted on my little slice of da Harbor during the chaotic summer months.  Please bear with me.  And if you get sick of waiting for a post, come on up (or down, if you live in Canada) and get your own slice!

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  1. Congratulations on buying your own place! And I'm glad to know that place will finally be occupied. A brewery sounds like fun...I dreamed of turning it into a bakery (no money to even think of such of thing...) Look forward to meeting you this summer.