Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunsets in the Lake

Yesterday the only sun to be found was at sunrise and sunset.  The rest of the day was gray, windy and cold.  Am I complaining?  No.  I made the best of the sunny times.

In the morning, right as the sun came over the trees, I grabbed a beach towel (along with my down jacket, hat and mittens) and laid out on the dock to absorb some rays through my, um, face.  Ahh, what a treat.  Soon the clouds blocked that diamond in the sky, and I went back inside.

As the day grew to a close, I watched the clouds loom over the horizon, leaving a gap just above the lake.  When the sun sank low enough, it blasted through the gloom.  I watched the sun sink, and I even took a picture for you.

You can even tell how windy it is by the wave rolling in.  With the sun setting between the gap, this is the best time of year for sunsets, and I get to be around to watch every single one of them!!!

Below is one from the day before.  

I'm not showing you these because I think they're the most beautiful sunsets I've every seen.  I'm showing you them because the sun is sinking right in the middle of the lake, as viewed from my house, and that is pretty stinkin cool.  Soon enough, though, the sun will sink behind the land on the right (where the lighthouse is).  By then, I'll be too busy to notice!


  1. I forgot to say, "Happy May!" And... it's snowing. I thought those white clouds looked familiar!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Wish I were there!

    From Apple Valley, MN

  3. Beautiful sunsets. Can't wait to experience them myself!! We will be there on the 18th of May. Can't wait. Would like it to get a little warmer but that is ok if it doesn't. It is just wonderful to be there. Hopefully we will get a chance to meet, neighbor.

  4. Amanda... your insightful and sensitive observations of all things Copper Harbor are such a joy! Keep it up, I'm a big fan.