Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rock Arch and Swans

The trees and bushes are budding exquisitely.  I often find myself inspecting the different colors and shapes shooting out from the branches.  New life is finally springing up in da Keweenaw.  Thank goodness.  We need it.

Summer business owners are making their way up to take the boards off their windows.  It's neat to roam the town this time of year and watch all the preparation -- yard raking, sign fixing, roof hammering -- like something big is going to happen.  We hope it will, but give us a couple more weeks of peace, please (at least that's what I want!).

I've had some cool adventures lately.  Mainly following deer paths through the woods by Woodland Road. It's been quite an eye-opener; the landscape is amazing around Lake Lily and through ridges and valleys.  I never knew they existed!

I traveled to the old ice cave from the winter to what is now a rock arch.  This is what it looks like in the warmer months.

Yesterday Aaron watched three swans fly in and land in front of our house.  After studying the bird book, our best guess is that they are near-mature trumpeter swans.  They were about twice the size as the Canadian geese!  We also got to watch them take off and fly over Porter's Island.

If you like to hike or mountain bike, come on up!  The trails are cleared and dry for your summer adventuring pleasure.  Check out our summer trails club events at www.copperharbortrails.org.

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