Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weather Wonder

As I sit by the window of the half snow/half sun, I can't help but smile and shrug.  That is just how this point in time feels.  Is winter over, or will we get another big dump of snow?  Our last big event in da Keweenaw, the CopperDog 150, is over, so winter can melt if it chooses.

At first I had my heart set on spring.  I want to be done serving drinks and burgers to skiers and snowmobilers.  I want to spend my nights at home writing, making wine, cooking, playing my keyboard, reading and fixing my summer work clothes.  I want to spend my days in the sunshine, hiking or biking along Lake Superior's shore, watching little green things creep up through the ground.

But I really think that we're going to get another blizzard... or two.  We are still over 100" under average snowfall, so anything can happen.  And I will be ready for it.  I will grab my snowboard and hit Mt. Bohemia.  I will snowshoe up the ridge, so I can slide down on my bum.  I will serve those snowmobilers and skiers with a smile so big that they won't be able to resist tipping me extra.

See?  More winter wouldn't be so bad.  I know I will jinx myself if I pick one anyway.  You hear that, Weather?  Do what you will!  I am ready!

By the way, thanks for voting in the Season poll.  I was wondering what your favorite was!  Fall was the winner!


  1. Fall is awesome and I've told some relatives
    that are skiers searching for black diamonds
    about Mt.Bohemia and they are going for Spring Break. I am a U.P promoter! I will take
    the fall ride up the chair lift next fall
    but no black diamonds for me.

  2. Ooh! Thanks for your enthusiasm and support of the area! See you in the Fall!