Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back UP!

Hey, I'm back!  Did you miss me?  Okay, you don't have to answer that.

Downstate Michigan was full of sunshine and blue skies.  Only on the drive down did we (Rachel and I) encounter snow.  We laughed as it snowed on our way through Christmas, MI.  How appropriate!  By the way, if you have ever driven through that town, you will notice a larger-than-any-building-size Santa Claus cut out with his fingers pointing in the air like he's doing the Hokey Pokey and turning himself around.  Maybe that's what it's all about.

On my solo drive back up from Mio, MI, where I visited some friends and made some new ones, I drove all day in the sunlight.  The real beauty started as I was about to cross back over the Mackinac Bridge to da U.P.  Da U.P.!  I squealed as its honorable earth came into my view.

I kinda had a moment crossing the bridge that time.  Have you ever been on that thing?  It's one of the longest suspension bridges in the world!  I'm usually not gaga over man-made structures, but when it holds my life in its hands and allows me to return to my precious land, I will definitely give it some credit.

As I turned west on Hwy. 2 on the southern border of da U.P., I was mesmerized by Lake Michigan.  The sun was making it sparkle, I noticed a group of islands to the south, I saw my first freighter of the spring, I watched the sand beaches blow by -- I know, I shouldn't have been driving!  But it was quite exquisite for part of an eight hour drive.  I relished in it.

On how many drives can I see three of the Great Lakes, anyway?  What a treat!  I got my first glimpse of Lake Superior in Munising.  Oh!  I squealed again!  She is just such a beauty, I must pay my respects in her presence.

I made the trip home by myself (I had to stop and buy a map, however) with only a couple roundabout turns.  I was proud of myself.  I have never driven that distance in such a short time by myself from a place I have never been before.  But my motivation to get back to my sleepy little town was what helped me drive most of the way.

Today I ventured along the shoreline and saw a 1/2" thick layer of ice piled at the end.  I have never seen that before!  Check it out!

Enjoy your day!!!


  1. I love that drive. We come from NY every summer and I have the same reaction to the bridge and route 2. Glorious. If you haven't ever done it, stop just before the bridge and visit the exhibit about the building of it. Well worth the time. (As is the fort.) Foggy's in Christmas is a good place to stop for lunch. Wish I were doing this right now! Thanks for your post and pix.

  2. Oh, thanks for the advice, Dee! Fortunately, I don't have to drive that distance even once a year, but since it is still new to me, I have places to explore!