Friday, March 11, 2011

Lake Superior Gurgle

Tuesday brought a beautiful sunrise and a warm morning.  I had enough time to journey to the lake shore to check on the ice arches.  The only remaining arch (the one that could eat you) had cracked across the jawline.  Any day now, it too will plunge into the big lake from where it came.

As I ventured on, I had to stop to check my ears.  I couldn't believe it when I heard this gurgling sound coming from under the ice.  I was 25 feet from where the water splashes to the shore.  That could only mean that the whole ice shore was hollow underneath.  And it sounded hungry.  Listen here!  (The bigger your speakers, the cooler it sounds.)

 And curious as I am, I had to check out the ice caves.  Below is a picture of the party-sized one.  The colors of this beautiful ice are enhanced solely by nature itself.

Other than that, it's another sunny day in da Harbor.  And the snow sports are still in full swing!


  1. I just visited this shore. The giant beast has fallen!

  2. Amanda,

    I've been enjoying catching up on your blog. Since the BCSR, I thought I'd check it out again. Very enjoyable, since I only get up to the harbor occasionally, but it holds a special place in my heart. Just wanted to let all of you up in Copper know that RASTA (Rhinelander Area Silent Trails Association) is going through the same kind of voting situation you all went through on the ambulance deal. For this one we are looking to get $$ from Green Giant for a "Green Award" for MTB trail construction. Here is the link to vote

    (everyday until the 27th). Miss the Harbor,
    Joel (2 yr. participant, BCSR)