Monday, March 14, 2011

Frozen in Time

A couple inches of heavy snow on Saturday was enough to propel me to go to Mt. Bohemia.  It had been so long since I strapped on my board that I didn't care how the hill was.  And it actually wasn't too bad.  

Sure, there were quite a few rock faces exposed, but I just had to go around them (except for one that snuck up on me!).  Otherwise, the snow was soft in most places.  It was so worth it... who knows if I'll get to go again this winter!

Yesterday's open water on the Harbor, and I mean all open, lifted my spirits right up.  Oh, to see Her Majesty's waves sparkle in the sunshine again!  That's definitely one of signs of spring that make me feel alive.

But overnight, those last few drifting pieces of ice became stopped in place by the thinnest layer of ice.  It's like they were frozen in time!  Here is a picture to illustrate.

The top layer started to break close to the shore, but the floaters further out were still stuck this afternoon.  As the day went on, I could hear the tinkly tinkling sound of this delicate ice rubbing other pieces grow louder.  It was pretty enchanting to hear.

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